Seminar on June 14 held in the city of Taraz

Sep 30, 2021

      On June 14, 2021, in the city of Taraz, on the basis of the International Taraz Innovation Institute, a training seminar was held in the field of production, processing and sale of crop and livestock products. The organizers of the training seminar were the Non-commercial JSC “National Agrarian Scientific and Educational Center” and the Astana branch of “Kazakh Research Institute of Processing and Food Industry”LLP.

   The experts gave lectures on the subject of compound feed, i.e: “Providing general concepts about compound feed. Used raw materials for the production of combined feed. The advantages of combined feed. ” “Production of combined feed”, “Advantages of extruded feed”, “Advantages of pelleted feed”.

    In accordance with the curriculum of the seminar, issues related to the technology of production of feed additives and compound feed from waste and secondary raw materials of grain processing were discussed, that is, the technological process of production of compound feed and feed additives, raw materials of the feed industry, the use of grain and raw materials of animal origin in the production of compound feed.

   There were questions about the technology for the production of feed using an extruder.

   In addition, the prospects and problems of the development of the feed industry were discussed.

    The listeners expressed the problem of lack of pasture land. Questions were raised on the problems of small farms in the provision of assistance from the State for their development, subsidies, as well as in the preparation of recommendations with a detailed technology of farming in a certain region.

   The participants of the seminar expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the seminar. As wishes, it was noted that farmers are interested in such educational theoretical seminars, they noted that it is advisable to hold seminars for a period of at least 3-5 days. It was revealed that there is a regular need to conduct accelerated courses to improve the professional level of agricultural workers.