“Improving the efficiency of processing oilseeds”

Oct 4, 2021

Astana and Semey branch of “Kazakh research institute of processing and food industry” LLP from September 14 to 19, 2021 within the framework of the execution of the state assignment under the budget program 267 “Increasing the availability of knowledge and scientific research” of subprogram 100 “Information support of subjects of the agroindustrial complex on a gratuitous basis” on the specifics 159 “Payment other services and works” organized a consultation with the participation of a foreign expert with successful work experience. The consultation took place on the basis of Qazaq Astyq Group LLP in Semey. Samburik Nina Petrovna, an expert in the field of vegetable oil processing, with 45 years of experience in oil extraction plants, who built several factories from the foundation, acted as a foreign expert. Also, the consultation was attended by the head of the entrepreneurship department of Semey city – Kachanova T.A., the deputy head of the agriculture department of the city of Semey – R.O. Rakhimbaeva, the director of the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the city of Semey – Zhursymbaeva A.B., agronomist of the farm “Nur “- Teminov N., agronomist LLP” Agrofirma Prirechnoye “- Murat A.

  During the consultation, the staff of the plant was trained in innovative methods of flax processing, recommendations were given on establishing the process of flax processing. Recommendations for raw materials, materials, intermediate products and energy resources were given to the plant and producers of oilseeds, the use of optimal methods of growing and processing oilseeds.