Oct 25, 2021
From October 20-22, the international agricultural exhibition “KazAgro \ KazFarm-2021” is held in Nur-Sultan.
At the exhibition KazRIPFI presented a line of its developments: bakery products from a composition of flour of various cultures, incl. gluten-free products, products of deep processing of cereals and flax, fat and oil products, dairy products from sheep, goat and cow milk, meat and vegetable pates and canned food, highly nutritious meat and bone paste, fruit and vegetable juices enriched with pectin, compound feed for valuable species of fish and unproductive animals, etc.
On October 20, the First Vice-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan
A.S. Saparov got acquainted with the results of scientific and technical activities of KazRIPFI. He tasted fermented milk products from sheep’s milk, and also discussed the need to open a plant for the production of deep flax processing products.

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